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Tactical Carbine/Rifle platform - $149.00

Master the operation of the Tactical Carbine/Rifle in our 4 hour course.

You will learn important safety rules, proper loading and unloading of the firearm and fundamentals critical to effectively engaging targets with the Tactical Carbine/Rifle.

    • Sight Picture
    • Sight Alignment
    • Grip
    • Stance
    • Trigger Control

Other topics covered during the course include firing multiple shots at different target areas; engaging multiple targets.

More advanced topics include:

    •Emergency and tactical reloads
    •Malfunction identification and clearance
    •Transition from rifle to pistol
    •Utilizing cover
    •Modified shooting positions

This course will prepare the Carbine or rifle owner with the necessary skills to be a well rounded, practical and safe firearm owner and user.

4 hour course. Suitable for shooters of all experience levels.

Minimum age - 16 yoa